How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Although I am a self confessed cat person I do have a soft spot for dogs.

It must be amazing to have an animal that is so excited to see you when you come home, Unlike the cat who will usually just about manage to look up to see who has walked in!

Dog Breeds are also incredible to think that a Great Dane, Chihuahua and Border Collie can all be the same species is amazing.

With this in mind I have created some customisable greetings cards featuring some of my favourite doggies.


These Greetings cards make great wall art too! Just pop in a frame and hey presto an inexpensive but very thoughtful personal gift!

All Cards can be customised with your pets name or whichever greeting you would like and each breed has 4 coloured scrolls to choose from.

Check them all out in my Etsy Shop: The Gin Fox

FoxImage What dog breed would you like to see in the shop?


Please take some time to check out Just A Card to see what your custom means to independent sellers.


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