New To The Gin Fox Shop!

Wow! what a weekend, what with an Easter Egg hunt, eating to much of aforementioned  Easter chocolate and storm Katie throwing all she had at us, it is nice to get back to making and designing…..Oh and trying to eat fruit to counteract all the chocolate consumed (that works right?)

After all that I thought I would take a moment to update the blog and share some of the newest additions to shop.

I love using recycled papers and card in my designs. Packaging can be a great place to get amazingly beautiful pieces and find inspiration in this case a rather beautiful Easter Egg box with a stunning Gold and Turquoise pattern go a new life as this rather lovely pair of earrings:



I think I am definitely going through a gold stage at the moment because the next pair of earrings I made were made from  gold faux leather:


Today I spent the day sketching and designing  for a few new cards and digital art designs, although some still need tweaking and finishing off I did manage to get this new card design into the shop:

I think the inspiration for this one is for the massive FOMO I have waiting for the new series of Broad City to be aired in the UK!

In other news the wonderful people at Etsy have also started to make changes to shops so they can be customised more and have your own banners and store fronts, I love this idea as it really lets you be creative and use branding to showcase your items. The new look shop is due to go live on 5th April so please swing by and take a look.

See You Soon!



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