A Hip Hop, Hippie To The Hip Hop!

With Easter (and bucket loads of chocolate) around the corner I thought it was time to share a free printable for all you lil’ Bunnies out there.

So here is a super easy to make Bunny Head Band to print at home.


  1. Cut out all the pieces carefully using scissors.
  2. Attach the 2 long strips together at one end with either tape, glue or staples (make sure the colour sides are facing out).
  3. Measure the head of the person who it is to fit and attach the other ends accordingly.
  4. Glue the heart (Nose) on to cover the join at the front of the headband.
  5. Attach the ears either side of the Heart nose.
  6. Wear and HOP!

Eater Bunny Ears

Please feel free to print as many of these headbands for your own use, This pattern is not to be sold for profit. Thank you.

I hope you all have a Hoppy Easter!

The Gin Fox




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