The Gin Fox – Now on Etsy! 

I did it……I leapt, took a chance and finally opened my very own Etsy shop! 

I have been making and creating for so long and had been to craft fairs but I had never been brave enough to enter the world of online selling until now.

I have always loved Etsy I have bought a lot of amazing handmade items, Art and Jewellery from the site over the years, and I have always found it an amazing mixing pot of creativity and I’m so happy to say I am now part of the family.

I opened the shop in November and have been enjoying adding items, getting a feel for what works and what people want to see & I am finally really happy with how my little slice of Etsy looks.   
There has been a lot of learning along the way and I’m sure even more to come but the Etsy team have a wonderful sellers handbook with lots of information on how to be successful and I have found the creative community a great help with hints and tips along the way.

The branding has been a challenge but with a little help from the wonderful Moo Cards I have some amazing business cards and stickers and I have even managed to design and make my own earring boxes with a few trial and errors along the way but now I love how they look. 
To anybody who is thinking about opening an Etsy shop I say go for it! I really have been having so much fun and there is nothing better than getting to package and send items that you have designed and made all over the world (in fact it is quite addictive)   So here’s to The Gin Fox may she sail on fair waters and who knows may even be sending you something special soon!



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