Interview with: No Pink Please

 I fell in love with your Brand after finding you on Twitter & after reading your Ethos which very closely echoes my own. As a Mother to a little girl who wears all colours and types of clothing I for one am glad that people like No Pink Please are around:

Where did your Inspiration come from to start No Pink Please? 

The idea began while pregnant with my son. Preparing for his arrival made me much more aware of gendered marketing in kids clothing and toys. I felt very strongly that my son should to have the opportunity to grow up without being immediately typecast and this then fuelled the business idea. It’s not actually about banning pink, the name is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I have nothing against the colour pink, or blue. It’s the commercial marketing of these colours that I find frustrating and unnecessary. Children should absolutely feel free to wear whatever colour they like and form their own preferences and personalities.

Are you surprised that the clothing in high street shops is still so Gender stereotyped? 

Yes and No. 

Yes – I’m surprised that in this day and age the notion that a gender should be signified by one specific colour is still popular. I would prefer to teach my son that being biologically male or female does not assign him to a given ‘colour’.

No – I’m not surprised ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ dominates – it’s still a popular choice and regarded as the “norm” to many. Obviously the high street wants to please these consumers; they are a large portion of the market.  

Has it been easy to find suppliers who share your ethos? 

Yes! I’m lucky as there are a number of fantastic childrenswear brands out there who share my ethos. As a new business I am usually constrained by budget not choice!

As well as the unisex element, the clothing I stock is made by independent British brands whose designs are fun, age appropriate and responsibly produced. 

What is your favourite piece currently available?  

It’s hard to choose just one piece- but I adore the furry hoodie by Boys&Girls. The design is unique and fun and it’s so plush and cosy. I love cuddling up to my son when he is wearing his!


Have you been surprised at how popular No Pink Please! has become? 

Well -I launched No Pink Please last year, so from a business point of view I still have a long, long way to go! However I am proud of how it has developed so far. I have learnt so much in the last year. Especially from my customers, the feedback I have received from them has been invaluable in how the business will move forward. 

 – What is next for No Pink Please? 

To keep learning and growing the business, alongside my No Pink Please community. Conceiving our son was not as easy as we hoped, so I am determined to build a business which allows me flexibility and the chance not to miss out on precious time with my family.  Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I can’t wait to see what is next for No Pink Please.

Check out the amazing No Pink Please for yourself:



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