Interview with InnaBox 

Since starting my blog and joining Twitter as The Gin Fox I have been lucky to meet (online at least) some fantastically creative people. I am always amazed by people’s creativity and in turn just how supportive the creative community can be.

I met Nicola the founder of InnaBox on Twitter and instantly loved her style and the amazingly fun products she creates so I jumped at the chance to Interview her on her designs and ask her a little more about her work.   

Thanks for finding some time in your schedule to answer my questions, so first things first, 

-Coffee or Tea? 

-If you were an Animal what Animal would you be?
I’d have to say a cat, seeing how well my cats get treated.

-Who is/are your design heroes?
I absolutely love Todd Goldman who is the founder of David and Goliath. I grew up loving his work and wanting all David and Goliath products! I even worked for them in retail once.

-What made you want to start InnaBox?
I have always loved drawing, designing and anything creative. I knew I wanted to go into this field but I felt it was too flat just doing illustrations or graphic design. I needed to make my work come to life! So I started experimenting with products on the side of my part time job and the rest is history!

-What is your favourite piece of your own work? 
This is tricky because I have to love them all…. BUT I think the fantastic ferret brooch/tote is my personal fave. He’s just so super!


-Do you find the creative process easy & what inspires you to create? 
To be honest it’s never easy because I have so many ideas and it’s tricky deciding what to go with at the right time. I often design things and don’t use them or see someone else has the same idea and scrap what I’ve done. I like to be as unique as I can! My inspiration is my own life and also partly what my friends are into at the time. For instance I designed fantastic ferret because I adore my best friends ferrets and wanted to make something within the fantasy/super hero field as I’m really loving Marvel right now!

-If you could only have one album playing while you work what would it be?
It would have to be Paramore’s self entitled album. That album could play over and over.

-What is your advice for somebody thinking about starting their own creative business?
Research well! My mistake was rushing in and wasting lots of time, money and materials on things I didn’t need or want. I learned as I went along and I still am learning new things obviously. But I can’t stress enough how much research is worth doing. Don’t expect things just to happen, you have to make them happen!

-What has been your proudest moment since starting InnaBox? 
Recently I was stocked in a massive shopping centre in Stratford London called Westfield. That was pretty fantastic! I ticked off one of my goals 🙂

-What’s next for InnaBox?
I am planning some new collections for next year, growing my stockists list and getting my name out within Etsy and the handmade industry.

-And finally What is your favourite joke? 
Hmmm I’m terrible at remembering jokes! Erm….. A man walks into a bar. Ouch.

Lol! Thanks for chatting to me, I can’t wait to see your new collections and hopefully see your designs in shops nationwide soon!

Check out for more amazing products, shop and stockists!

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